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How it works

"The Art and Science of Cannabis" is an accessible and scientifically-backed learning program available to budtenders to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and tools to support their customers in making confident marijuana purchases.

The course is a two-hour experience with interactive exercises, quizzes, and a final assessment to gauge understanding. Successful completion of the course results in a "Certified Budtender" certificate issued by Leafly.


Leafly Learn coursework includes the following:

Science: stay current on the latest cannabis research and terminology.

Feelings: understand the effects of cannabis beyond 'getting high'.

Dosing: learn how to make cannabis safe and enjoyable for everyone. 

How to access

As a special launch promotion, all retailers will be granted FREE access to Leafly Learn as part of their subscription through October 31st. Contact your account manager to access your code.

Beginning November 1st, there are three ways to access Leafly Learn:

1. Leafly Pro clients will get access as part of their monthly subscription.

2. Standard clients can access Leafly Learn for $50 per month, per store.

3. Leafly Live: Terp Talk tour attendees get free enrollment in Leafly Learn's 1st course, "The Art and Science of Cannabis"

Exploring the art and science of budtending to recommend with confidence

Leafly Live

Come explore a new way to think and talk about cannabis!

Get a taste of Leafly's new Leafly Learn Curriculum, aimed to help budtenders and recommend products with confidence, backed by science! Engage your senses in our interactive environment that brings the power of cannabis knowledge to life, and celebrate your shared craft and passion with fellow budtenders and dispensary leaders.

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"Knowing about the strains, the products we sell and the science of cannabis - that's important. We can feel confident in what we're talking about to our customers."

Kayla | Massachusetts

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