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Leafly is the largest cannabis platform in the world, surpassing 12 million visits each month. Companies across the cannabis industry trust Leafly to help them connect with consumers and build their brands.
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Leafly’s dispensary services are designed to drive buyers into your stores. Premium listings within the Leafly finder and targeted advertising across the Leafly site are great ways to give your dispensary a competitive edge.

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Leafly helps brands of all sizes connect with highly-engaged audiences. Whether you're an established enterprise looking to strengthen your brand or you’re just starting out and looking to build a more comprehensive marketing program, Leafly will custom-tailor a package that meets the unique needs of your business.

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Connect with your audience at exactly the moment they’re looking for you with Leafly’s expansive online offerings, which feature tailored solutions for cannabis retailers, producers, processors, products, and service providers of all sizes.

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