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Orders placed on Leafly are routed through your POS
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Integrate with Leafly at no cost no matter what POS system you use. All it takes is a few clicks.
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Integrations make it easy to to harness the value of Leafly and showcase your menu to thousands of active users in your area. 
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Other menu-only integrations

"Point of Sale and Payment Solutions for Cannabis Retailers POSaBIT offers an innovative and fully-compliant point of sale and payment solution for retailers and dispensaries. Active in the market since 2015, POSaBIT's industry-best software and hardware allows stores to function efficiently and profitably, easing the burden on owners, managers, and budtenders. In addition to their debit payment solutions (no app or pre-purchase sign-up necessary!) and robust point of sale (Loyalty, SMS, and superior inventory management included, among a host of additional features), POSaBIT provides 24/7 customer service from their home office in Seattle. Learn more at

MJ Platform, powered by Akerna, is a vertically integrated solution for cannabis businesses. With over $16 billion in legal transactions across thirteen countries since 2010, MJ Platform’s seed-to-sale technology provides operators transparency and compliance across the entire supply chain. Learn more at

Portal42 is an all in one ERP solution for any facility in the cannabis industry. Providing all encompassing services from payments, marketing, networking and hardware, Portal42 really is the answer to everything. Learn more at

Dauntless, Inc. provides seed-to-sale traceability, retail, and point-of-sale (POS) software solutions for all licensed businesses within the cannabis and hemp industries. Learn more at

Weave is a world class cannabis point of sale software company built from the ground up on Google’s Cloud Platform. Weave provides high performance point of sale, inventory management, customer loyalty, and analytical applications guaranteed to be regulatory compliant. Learn more at

GlobalTill is a highly reliable, scalable and cannabis-compliant point of sale solution ideal for both single or multi-unit operators. We integrate with a variety of eCommerce, signage and payment solutions to meet your needs and enhance the customer experience. Learn more at

Anthea is a complete retail management system designed exclusively for cannabis dispensary operations online, offline, and in the back office. Powered by industry leader NCR’s proven hardware and software, Anthea gives you the tools and insight you need to make critical business decisions with confidence. Save time, engage with customers, grow your business. Learn more at

CannaPoint was developed specifically for the Cannabis industry dispensaries need for Seed to Sale functionality. The CannaPoint software utilizes the NCR Inventory Engine providing a proven system for tracking and controlling your Inventory. This integration allows for CannaPoint to handle all the facets of the Cannabis Industry from Seed to Sale. Learn more at

Krimzen’s Point of Sale was built with a PURPOSE – to bring the ‘Zen’ back to your business. Reduce wait times, speed up transactions, improve sales, easy at-a-glance analytics, minimize product loss and deliver the absolute best customer service experience for the life’s blood of your business, your CUSTOMERS. Learn more at

THSuite provides the ultimate customizable cannabis Point-of-Sale/ERP System to fit your needs to run all your cannabis business operations - delivering a cannabis supply chain user-centric software solution with compliance, tracking, reporting, and superior customer service. Learn more at

Cannasync was built for the cannabis business that knows how impactful product photos and videos can be for their brand marketing. Our tool is designed to help organize and catalog your product media, and to streamline your workflow by automating those time consuming day-to-day menu management tasks. In addition to providing an easy to use, searchable, sortable, and shareable web based interface for all your cannabis products media, menu photos, social images, and videos, Cannasync also provides automatic synchronization between your online cannabis menu platforms. Learn more at

Island ERP is the most flexible and vertically integrated Enterprise Resource Planning and Point of Sale solution in the market. Learn more at

DataOwl - Indispensable Dispensary Software - DataOwl’s Dispensary Software Suite supercharges your revenue from new and existing customers while simultaneously reducing the workload on your staff. By Automatically Syncing in Real-Time to your POS software for Inventory and Customer Purchase information, DataOwl’s AI-powered software allows you to 1) Launch targeted, high-ROI SMS Text Marketing Campaigns with just a few keystrokes 2) Easily create (without a graphic designer) In-Store TV/Leafly/Online menus that only show In-Stock items 3) Establish a Tiered Loyalty Program with “airline-level” features, and 4) Offer a robust Online Menu to customers for In-Store Pickup and Delivery. DataOwl enables your dispensary to offer a World-Class sales experience however and wherever your customers want to shop. Learn more at

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Featured POS Providers

Blaze POS 1 BLAZE Logo

Designed for budtenders, delivery drivers and front desk personnel, the iPad & iPhone Dispensary POS app makes customer interactions easy. Sign up members and get them checked out quickly by using the fastest, most intuitive Dispensary POS software in the industry.

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Cova1-1-2-1 Cova-PR-1

Cova is an award-winning, seed-to-sale compliant POS and Inventory Management solution designed to streamline cannabis retail. Cova offers an intuitive, user-friendly design and lightning-fast transaction time. Its technology platform currently powers cannabis stores of all sizes with virtually no downtime, making it the most robust and reliable cannabis POS system available.

learn more

Flowhub-2-1 Flowhub_Logo (1)

Flowhub is the leading cannabis retail software company that helps modern dispensaries thrive by delivering compliance, point of sale, inventory tracking, and business intelligence data from a single, highly-customizable platform. Hundreds of cannabis retailers and their partners trust Flowhub to help them grow revenue, simplify compliance, and manage inventory for improved consumer experiences.

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