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Terri Bennet Owner of Emerald Elite THC

“Leafly has a much better platform than bait and switch campaign. Leafly is other competitors who draw you in with a affordable and fair priced as well as easy to use! Not having to pay extra to post deals is an amazing asset. All around, Leafly is the best platform for business.”

Luke Stead COO of Simply Crafted CBD

“We especially like how our brand manager helped onboard us. They were very informative and helpful getting us set up. It’s truly an invaluable service.”


We believe that there is a higher standard

Making sure that products aren't just lab tested, but tested by trusted labs.

At Leafly, we believe people deserve accurate information about the cannabis products they consume so they can have confidence in their purchase and in their experience. That’s why we designed the Leafly Certified Labs Program to combat inconsistency in cannabis testing. The Leafly Certified Labs Program helps ensure that cannabis lab data on Leafly comes from labs that have been confirmed to provide results that consumers can trust.

The founding Leafly Certified Lab Program members share Leafly’s commitment to providing accurate and trustworthy product data and creating a data-driven view of cannabis that empowers consumers, brands and retailers.

Our lab partners are located across the United States and Canada

United States

  • Modern Canna Labs, Florida
  • CannTest,  Alaska
  • Confidence Analytics,  Washington
  • ChemHistory,  Oregon
  • SC Labs,  California
  • PSI Labs,  Michigan
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modern-canna-labs-logo-1 George Fernandez CEO of Modern Canna

"Analytical reports should always be verifiable, reproducible, and legally defensible, yet some laboratories operating in the cannabis space continue to falsify data and refuse to show any form of validation. This program encourages transparency and integrity by providing a platform, supported by quality data, intended to help educate and reassure consumers.”

ltt@3x Alex Hoggan CEO of ChemHistory

"Chemhistory is grateful to participate in this much needed movement towards transparency and accuracy amongst cannabis testing laboratories. Trust is everything to consumers and earning that trust is an honor. We thank Leafly for their leadership in creating this program.”

++ OFFICIAL ++ ConfLabs Full Border -- Transparent Background Nick Mosely M.S. CEO of Confidence Analytics

"Leafly’s considerable reach and influence would be nothing without their ability to adapt to new information in the rapidly evolving science of cannabis. The problem solving and critical thinking skills displayed by their teams is what keeps Leafly at the cutting edge of cannabis product classification. We are beginning a new era in herbal medical science, and Leafly operates at an important junction between information and consumer awareness.”

cann-test-logo-1 Dr. Jonathan Rupp Strong Scientific Director at CannTest

“A large part of CannTest's mission is to empower consumers with accurate and reliable information. Leafly's partnership with CannTest, and other reliable labs nationwide, provides a way to get more scientifically backed information to consumers. This resource should prove a valuable tool for increasing knowledge and trust across our industry.”

PSILABS_logo Full Size Benjamin J. Rosman, JD CEO and Co-Founder of PSI Labs

"PSI Labs is excited to join the Leafly Certified Lab program, contributing our data to help promote scientific integrity and knowledge transfer nationwide. PSI Labs has set benchmarks for quality control, transparency and scientific integrity in the Michigan cannabis industry.  We are confident that our partnership with Leafly will promote accountability and transparency in the testing industry while also improving consumer access to high quality scientific data and our collective knowledge of cannabis chemistry.”

sc labs Jeff Gray CEO and Co-Founder of SC Labs

"We’ve entered a phase in our relationship with cannabis that is driven by data instead of anecdote or hearsay. It is among SC Labs' core values to provide reliable and transparent data so that the cannabis supply-chain can make more deliberate and informed choices from safe and consistent products—a philosophy that aligns perfectly with our partnership with Leafly. Leafly has done an amazing job to take this a step further by interpreting that data with a visual language that advances our perception of quality, flavor, and effect. Our shared effort marks a significant milestone in the way consumers will evaluate cannabis.”

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