Delivery fulfillment made easier.

Connect Onfleet with Leafly to make managing delivery orders a smooth and seamless process.

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Consolidate your delivery operations to one single dashboard 



Smooth delivery management

Route delivery orders placed on Leafly directly to your Onfleet dashboard


More satisfied customers

Increase efficiency so you can spend more time with your customers.


It’s convenient and it’s free

Connect to Onfleet in seconds at no extra cost to your Leafly subscription

How the integration works

1. Delivery orders synced to Onfleet

Delivery orders placed on Leafly are handed off to Onfleet for status changes. That means employees only need to manage deliveries in one place - your Onfleet dashboard.

2. Automatic customer notifications

When a delivery driver changes an order status in Onfleet,  your Leafy customer is notified in realtime, helping to increase delivery fulfillment rate and  reduce cancellations.

3. Consolidated Reporting

With Leafly orders housed in Onfleet, you can gain a holistic view of the performance of your delivery operations in your Onfleet analytics dashboard. No more CSV exports or manual spreadsheet edits to create all-up reporting.

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Setting up the Onfleet integration with Leafly takes just a couple minutes. View our help doc to learn more about implementation. 

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Luke Stead COO of Simply Crafted CBD

“We’ve seen a huge increase in online traffic since we started listing on Leafly. These are cannabis consumers ready to purchase. Awesome platform!”